16 botanicals – 45% Alc. Vol.

16 botanicals

It took a total of 28 distillates to create this ‘London Dry’-version. The base of this gin is the Mr. Gin Original. In total we used 17 out of the 17 botanicals of the Mr. Gin Original to create the London Dry.

Mechelen is home to the famous Vrijbroek Park, situated on the outskirts of the City.  Spread over 50 hectares, the park boasts over 100 different species of Roses, which in 2003 received an Award of Garden of Excellence by the World Federation of Rose Societies. Poppies are in great abundance and these also were part of creation of the London Dry Gin.

Full moon

The botanicals are macerated in 96% full grain alcohol for 32 hours, which helps to release the full flavours.  It is then distilled at 80°C in a copper pot-still and follows the traditional head/heart/tail principle of London Dry.

Coriander, citrus, caraway, angelica, along with the traditional juniper berries and fennel provided the base to a full flavour Gin.  Not forgetting the secret distillation during the full moon, a nod to Mechelen’s notable heritage of being a Maneblusser (Moon Extinguisher).

In short

  • Volume: 500ml – 45% Alc. Vol.
  • Botanicals: 16 where used
  • Flavour: A strong ‘London Dry’-Gin, which delivers an unexpected floral flavour, with a dash of herbs and spice.
  • Suggestion for serving: 5cl gin and 15 – 20cl of Tonic. We recommend using Fever Tree Tonic – either the light or original.
    Mix and garnish with a slice of orange, add a rose bud and a few juniper berries.  During Winter, add Orange zest and a young fennel leaf.

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Interested in ordering, importing or exporting these nice products from the City of Mechelen (Belgium)?

The Mr. Gin Original (37,5% Alc. Vol.) and the Mr. Gin London Dry (45% Alc. Vol) are both available for export.  Please get in touch with Jos Van Hemel.

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