2800 Mechelen

between Brussel & Antwerp

Bruges, Antwerp and… Mechelen

Mechelen is located within the province of Antwerp in Flanders, Belgium, found roughly 25km from Antwerp and Brussels. With excellent connections for transport, only 11 minutes from the national Airport of Belgium, Mechelen is easily accessible for any form of traveller – business or pleasure.

With a diverse range of shops – from pop ups, independent stores, where some a run by 3rd generation family members to even the traditional High Street Store, Mechelen has something for everyone. It is a town that is suited for young, old, travellers or even the business man.



The city has a wealth of history, with 8 churches located within the city centre, over 330 UNESCO world heritage listed buildings, a wide range of Art, Music and Creative events are regularly held throughout the year.

Enjoy the climb and explore the views from the top of St Rombouts Cathedral or simply sit back and watch the world go by in the main square market.  Saturdays sees a regular market selling a wide range of seasonal produce, fresh fish, meats and cheeses.

‘Moon Exstinguishers’

Mechelen locals are known as the Maneblussers (Moon Exstinguishers). It originates from the evening of January 27th in 1687, when St Rumbolds was shrouded in an a fire coloured mist. A local man emerged who was somewhat consumed with alcohol looked up at the Cathedral and “thought he saw” it was on fire. Immediately an alarm was raised and the local Mayor took charge in a fire-fighting operation.  It has been noted that a state of confusion arose within those present.  A chain of people passing buckets of water took place, yet incredibly as quickly as the orange misty appeared, it disappeared. To save embarrassment, the locals agreed to keep quiet about the incident, yet word soon got out.   This then led to the nickname of Maneblussers (Moon Exstinguishers) which is still used to this day.


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