17 botanicals – 37,5% Alc. Vol.

First batch

The first batch of this compound gin was made available on May 28 – 2015 with a production of  just 300 bottles.  They where individually packaged and numbered manually – Batch 1/ Bottle 001.

They sold out in 4 hours. It soon made sense to implement an automation method for handling large demands. Still keeping the hand-made small batch techniques. Keeping to small craft production, only +/- 200 bottles are produced each week.  All bottles are manually filled.

Full moon

Mr. Gin Original contains 17 botanicals.  The highlights are poppy, line, juniper, poppy, moonseed, fennel, coriander and citrus which delivers a floral gin which a subtle light citrus finish. The inspiration was found in the nice park in Mechelen: Vrijbroekpark. This nice park received the Award of Garden of Excellence by the World Federation of Rose Societies.

The Gin also has notes of fennel, coriander, citrus and a like grain distillate base, it is a fresh and easy to drink gin. Due to it’s low % of alcohol volume (37,5%) this gin is the perfect starter.

In short

  • Volume: 500ml – 37,5% Alc. Vol.
  • Botanicals: 17 where used
  • Flavour: An easy to drink gin with citric notes and a poppy influence
  • Suggestion for serving: 5cl gin and 10 – 15cl of Tonic. We recommend using Fever Tree Tonic – either the light or original.
    Mix and garnish with a slice of orange or simply add a few juniper berries.

More information?

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Interested in ordering, importing or exporting these nice products from the City of Mechelen (Belgium)?

The Mr. Gin Original (37,5% Alc. Vol.) and the Mr. Gin London Dry (45% Alc. Vol) are both available for export.  Please get in touch with Jos Van Hemel.

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